The January 2014 Build Lightly pilot project included a one-week workshop for client Jorge Avendaño of Finca Antigua – one of the few organic coffee farmers near Turrialba, Costa Rica. Turrialba is a central valley town of 70,000 at the base of a volcano. The program included an addition to an existing mountain-top cabin. The new space, named “El Colibrì”  – or “The Hummingbird” houses the wood-fired stove, sink, benches, and seating – a participatory kitchen. The existing location of the kitchen will be converted into a classroom space. The users are local community members, school children, other farmers, and visiting international University students and volunteers. Jorge considers the Finca Antigua the center of a ripple that reaches across the globe, educating visitors on the benefits of sustainable and organic farming.

  • Instructors: Miriam Gee, Build Lightly Studio and Luke W. Perry, AVL DesignBuild Studio
  • Guest Instructors: Steve Badanes & Jim Adamson, Jersey Devil
  • Client: Finca Antigua, organic coffee farm
  • Location: San Juan Sur, Turrialba, Costa Rica
  • Blog: Tropical Fruits, Coffee and Sawdust