Build Lightly Studio co-founder Miriam Gee will be giving a short presentation at SPUR in San Francisco this Wednesday, April 6, 2016. So if you’re in the Bay Area, follow this link to the Eventbrite page, tickets are $5 and benefit Open Architecture SF. It’s guaranteed to be slightly informative and somewhat unapologetic. But most of all, it should inspire you to see that design/build for change can be good fun! (If any of you were there at the Rural Studio soup roast this past December, then you’ll know what to expect.) Special thanks to OASF Director, Karl Johnson for organizing this event.


Event Description

At SPUR Wednesday night, join Open Architecture San Francisco and special guest Miriam Gee on an international journey of green architecture, design/build, community engagement, student mentorship, and building lightly.

Architect, globetrotter, and possibly a Millennial, Miriam presents the work of her Build Lightly Studio and the exhilarating professional possibilities for a young, ambitious licensed architect. Working in Hawaii, Vermont, North Carolina, Mexico, Costa Rica, and now Guatemala, Build Lightly Studio is a design/build collaborative pairing architecture professionals with university students to design, construct, and deliver projects to community clients in various locations around the world. A licensed architect, builder, instructor, and green building consultant, Miriam has adapted her career to focus on education through design/build: “Sometimes, there is no greater satisfaction than building your design with your own two hands.”

To date, Miriam’s experience as an educator through Build Lightly Studio includes: Asheville Design Center, Yestermorrow Design/Build School, University of Washington Neighborhood Design/Build Studio, and the University of Hawai’i at Manoa, archawai’i program.

PRESENTATION followed by questions and conversation. Drinks and snacks to follow, off-site.

SPUR – 654 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA 94105 – View Map