Archawai’i students have got a fever, and the only prescription is design-build! Professor Jason Selley (Co-founder of Build Lightly) taught the Urban Design-Build Studio in Fall 2012 through the University of Hawaii at Manoa. The students worked in teams from design, demolition, cleanup, painting, and fabricating with the CNC machine. This year’s project was a warehouse renovation for CoXist Studio in Kaka’ako Honolulu. Jason and the 21 fourth year archawai’i students completed the project in 17 weeks. Check out more on CoXist in this article from the Honolulu Weekly.

CoXist’s minimalistic, yet artsy furniture such as chairs, sinks and sliding doors are the work of UH Manoa architecture students. “Jason proposed to the University that this could be a space for students to actually build something and have a portfolio,” says [Casea] Collins-Wright. The white walls make a “blank canvas” so people can transform the space into their liking.

Nice work Jason and archawai’i! Check out some of the before and after pictures:
Gallery 1 (2)
Gallery 1 (1)
Gallery 2

What a fantastic transformation. UH students worked hard in small groups of 4-5 focusing on specific design tasks such as the bathroom redesign, the screen partition wall, furniture, and bar. CoXist is host to fashion events, pop-up, galleries, and future archawai’i student works.