From concept to construction.

The Build Lightly Studio curriculum takes design education beyond the desk to actual project construction; that is: the hammer swinging, the power tool-wielding, the early morning team meetings fueled by adrenaline (and, more often than not, too much coffee)! Build Lightly Studio is a collaborative design/build program pairing architecture professionals with participants who design, construct, and deliver projects to community clients in various locations around the world. The results?  A real project created from community engagement, consensus-based design, that treads lightly on the land, for a client that otherwise would not be able to “afford” professional services.

Build Lightly participants come away with a sense of confidence in design, construction, project management, team leadership, and environmental stewardship… that culminates in a fully-realized project to add to their portfolio. It’s time to step up, leave the cubicle, and inspire each other.